Stepbothers 2008

Stepbrothers is a 2008 comedy film that will surely make you laugh.

Here's the synopsis:

Brennan Huff (Ferrel) is a thirty-nine year old who just got fired from his job and lives with his mother, Nancy (Mary Steenburgen) while Dale Doback (Reilly) is a forty year old unemployed man who also live with his father, Robert (Richard Jenkins).
When Robert and Nancy got married and forced to live together under one roof. Nancy and Brennan moved to Robert's house. Dale and Brennan forced to live in and sleep in the same room as a stepbrothers. At first, they really are not comfortable with each other and always had a fight. Later on they started to realize to be friend with each other.

I really laugh on the scenes that during their job interviews, their character reference is Jesus Christ. It was really.. really... you know.....

They failed to get a job and return home. Brennan was once a singer and however Dale has a passion of beats like drums in a band. They decided to make their own company called "Prestige Worldwide". They make a music video to promote their singing talents being shot on Robert's boat.

Robert decided to file a divorce to Nancy. Dale and Brennan blame themselves for the break up and parted ways. During the sales party for helicopters, the Catalina Wine Mixer (it was arranged by Brennan), the whole family meet up together and as Dale and Brennan of their Prestige Worldwide, Brennan started to sing right after the band quits. Robert and Nancy dance together and falls in love again.

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