The Great Debaters ()2007

The Great Debaters (2007) is a true story film directed by two academy award winner Denzel Washington and produced by Oprah Winfrey and her Company Productions, Harpo Productions.
The main casts are: Denzel Washingtion as Melvin B. Tolson, Forest Whitaker as James Farmer, Sr., Nate Parker as Henry Lowe, Denzel Whitaker as James L. Farmer, Jr., Jurnee Smollett as Samantha Brooke.
The story about the Debate Team in Wiley college succeeded to defeat Harvard University Debate Team.
The story emphasizes on the racial discrimination against black and while people.
You will learn a lot of this true story happened on 1930s.

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Titanic (1997)

Titanic (1997) is a romantic drama film directed by James Cameron with the main casts Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson.

Titanic is the name of the world's famous ship who sink in 1912. This is a true story of an old woman Rose DeWitt Bukater who recognized the painting and the necklace that was being televised after Brock Lovett and his team - the treasure hunter, found them in the shipwreck. Rose flew with her grandchildren to ship and told the whole story.

Titanic was the famous ship that time where thousands of people on board including the first class, the second class, and the third class. Jack Dawson was included in the poor class with his bestfriend Fabrizio De Rossi (Danny Nucci). Rose was 17 year old attempts to jump-off to the ocean but Jack quickly pulls her back to the ship. Their romance started to evolve around them.

When the Ship collides with a huge iceberg, their love becomes a struggle for survival. They have to fight to stay alive. But unfortunately, Jack didn't make it. He died.

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Serendipity (2001)

Serendipity (2001)SynopsisWhen Jonathan Trager and Sara Thomas meet at New York on Christmas both are buying the same gloves for their lovers but they both don't know the name yet. Jonathan ask Sara of her name and a telephone number but Sara refuse him but instead she decided to let faith will find its way.
Sara Thomas have told Jonathan to test the faith if they are really meant for each other like going up in a building with different elevator and if they meet in the same floor that means they are destined for each other; second, she put her name and phone number on the first page of the book entitled "LOVE IN THE TIMES OF CHOLERA" and sell it. If he will find that book, then they are meant to be; third, she wrote his name in a dollar bill and if that money will back in her wallet, that means they are destined.
They have separated and live in a different country. They both now engaged but Jon seek help from his best man to look for that woman she met in New York and so as Sara who had just asked her fiancee a break then flew to New York.

Will faith finds its way for the two?

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Villa Estrella (2009)

Ana (Shaina Magdayao) is being haunted in her dreams with a woman being killed. Her ex-boyfriend (Jake Cuenca) brings her in the Villa Estrella Resort, an abandoned resort. She then meets a girl named Jennifer (Celine Lim).
The caretaker told her that she has been in that resort when we was a little girl but she refuse to believe because she said she has never been there in that resort. She meets Gisele, who is very familiar to her.
She later realize that she is part on that resort and that the past is haunter her. She recalls that Andrea, her elder close friend, the daughter of the caretaker was killed by her father and her Tito (her ex-boyfriend's father).

This is another horror movie produced in the Philippine Cinema.
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Eragon (2006)

An orphaned farm boy named Eragon is destined to be a dragon rider. While hunting in the forest, he finds a blue stone sent by Princess Arya. He then witness that the blue stone hatches of a dragon and later realize that it is a dragon egg. The name of a dragon is Saphira.

He meet Brom who happened to be a Dragon Rider.
When evil King Galbatorix ruled the entire Alagaesia and finds out about Eragon and the Dragon, the evil sents out his men to capture them. Saphira and Eragon forced to leave from their hometown to search for Varden, a group of rebels to want to witness the downfall of Galbatorix.

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Rush Hour 2 (2001)

This movie is a sequel of 1998 Rush hour film with Jacky Chan and Chris Tucker.

LAPD Detective James Carter (Chris Tuicker) is on vacation to Hongkong to visit his friend Hong Kong Police Force Chief Inspector Lee (Jacky Chan). James Carter's mind was mainly to have a good time. however, the bombed explodes in the American Embassy and inspector Less was assigned to it.

They return to Los Angeles to solve the case because they suspected Ricky Tan (John Lone) his late police officer father's former partner.

Will they resolve the case? This movie was really great. I love Jacky Chan's movies because he handled it carefully with humor.

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Rush Hour (1998)

Rush Hour is a comedy action film with directed by Brett Ratner, starring Jacky Chan and Chris Tucker.
Detective Inspector Lee (Jacky Chan) of the Hongkong Police leads a raid in the docks hoping to catch the famous crime Lord Juntao. But he only finds Juntao's right hand man Sang (Ken Leung) and he recovers various of Chinese Cultural Treasures being stolen by Juntao to represent as a farewell victory to his departing superiors; Chinese consul Han (Tzi Ma) and British commanderThomas Griffin (Tom Wilkinson).

On the first day of class of Han's daughter Soo-yung is kidnapped by Sang. Chinese Consul han ask Lee to help him rescuing his only daughter. However, LAPD Detective James Carter, is an arrogant, overconfident and clumsy police officer has also been assigned to take the case. But he were told to keep Lee away from the investigation or else he will have a 2-months suspension without pay due to his clumsiness.
He then met Lee at Los Angeles International Airport to fetch Lee. At first, they had a terrible misunderstandings with Lee but later on he forget what his boss said, instead they agreed to solve the case together.

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Nim's Island (2008)

This is a story directed by Jennifer Flackett with the main casts Abigail Breslin, Jodie Foster, Gerald Butler.

Nim(Abigail Breslin), is an 11 year old girl, who lives in an Island in South Pacific with her father (Geral Butler) and her mother is a deceased which her father had told her that her mom was being swallowed by a Blue whale.

Nim receives and email from Alexandra Rover or Alex Rover, the auther of the book Alex Rover Adventure and asks about his field of knowledge. Alex Rover is somewhat adventurous but in reality she is definitely the opposite.

Nim's father is a marine biologist and is gone for 2 days to find protozoa Nim (a new species of Plankton). He wants to take her along but Nim convinces him to stay because she has to oversee Chicca's eggs (Turtle). They communicated via sattelite phone. However, Jack encounters large waves in the ocean that caused his boat ruin. Galileo, the Pelican, friend of Nim help her father and brings back the things that he needs to fix.

They are exchanging thoughts Alex Rover have told that Nim is alone on that island and that her father did not return home as the time expected. She travelled to rescue Nim.

But at last, Nim's father return home and falls in love with Alexandra Rover (Jodie Foster). This is really a great adventure movie.

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Ghost Town (2008)

Bertram Pincus (Ricky Gervais), is a dentist seeing ghosts after he was diagnosed and died for 7 minutes in the hospital. Dr. Pincus has been chased with the ghosts in the town and asked help from him. The recently deceased businessman Frank(Greg Kinnear) agrees Dr. P to prevent his widow, Gwen (Tea Leoni) from marrying this lawyer Richard (Billy Campbell). But it turned out that Dr. P falls in love with Gwen.

And so as the other ghosts, he help them with their unfinished business left before they died.

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Lakeview Terrace (2008)

A newly-wed couple who just moved their home to California into their dream home Chris and Lisa (Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington) whom their next-door neighbor, Abel (Samuel Jackson) a single father, LAPD officer that has this feeling of disapproving their interracial relationship. They receive threats and they began worrying after their safety in LakeView Terrace community.

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Deception (2008)

Deception Move 2008
This is another story I've watched that title itself describes how the main character Jonathan McQuarry (Ewan McGregor) handle himself when Wyatt Bose (Hugh Jackman) betrayed him or lied at him.

Jonathan McQuarry is an accountant who also audits in the bank. While he is overstaying in their boardroom late at night, he was being interrupted with Wyatt Bose who offers him marijuana and the latter befriended him. On his way home in the subway, he encounters a blond woman (Michelle Williams) but never had the chance to talk to her.

Jonathan Mcquarry is being invited many times with Wyatt Bose including to play tennis and enjoys at night in the bar with him. One day, he accidentally switched their cellphone but unfortunately he was told by Bose that he will have a business trip in London.

One night, a woman called him "Are you Free Tonight" then he said yes. They agreed to meet in a certain place without knowing each other and they proceed directly to the hotel room and had sex.

The other night another woman called him asking the same question and they agree to meet. Wyatt Bose called him to encouraged meeting with different women in the list that is stored in his phone.

One day, he was shocked to see that a woman he met in the subway station. But still he didn't know the real name of that blond woman because one of the rule is "No Name" to mention.
While they were together, The blond woman disappeared quickly and had blood in his room and behind his back, he was being punch with a strong man and then he drowned.

Wyatt Bose contacted him and told him everything that happened. He commanded Jonathan to steal millions of money from the bank he will be audited. He didn't refuse Bose' command and afraid that he will lost his one true love.

Will Jonathan succeed to steal money from the bank? What will happen if he does? Now, its your turn to watch it.

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Love in the Times of Cholera (2007)

Florentino Ariza falls in love with Fermina Daza and so as Fermina is also in love with Florentino. Florentino, a telegraph boy who always sends her love notes that eventually lead her of saying yes of marrying him. However, when her father discovers her love affair with Florentino, her father refuse to accept Florentino and thus sending his daughter to a distant relative.

After many years, she came back and agrees to marry Dr. Juvenal Urbino, her father's choice. But Florentino never stops loving her. Florentino never got married but only he had affairs of different women.
After more than 50 years of waiting, Fermina's husband died because he falls down from a ladder. Florentino take the chance to seeing her and expressing and keeping his love for more than 50 years. Their romance starts when the cholera epidemic spread throughout their place.

This movie explains that Love will never die nor fade even if you are too old.

The Unborn (2009)

This is my other favorite horror film.

Casey Beldon (Odette Yustman) is being haunted in her astonishing dreams with a mysterious looking dog and an evil child with blue eyes.

After being hit by a mirror with her neighbor's son, Casey's eyes started to change the color. She goes to the opthalmologist and the doctor explains she she has a twin sister or a brother. Because the genes may usually occur in twins.
She later asks her father if she has a twin and her father revealed that her twin bother died in her mother's womb.
She discovers a letter that addressed to Sofi Kozma and a picture belonged to her mother.
Sofi told her everything that she is the ultimate survivor of the experiment during the Holocaust and that she is her grandmother. She warned her to be careful because she is in great danger.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)

Chronicles of Narnia
The Four Children returns to Narnia where hundreds of years already had gone by since they ruled Narnia.
When Queen Prunaprimia gave birth to a son, King Miraz - his uncle ordered his men to kill Prince Caspian since the prince has exiled with the help of his tutor.
Susan, Edmund, Lucy and Peter are destined to find Prince Caspian to exterminate king Miraz to prevent ruling the entire Narnians.
The battle begins against the two - the group of the kings and queens of hopes and against Miraz' men.
Lucy seeks out of Aslan, the most powerful in the entire Narnia.

Another Fantasy adventure film for the family.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)

This romantic comedy action film directed by Doug Liman with the main Casts Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
The story begin when they met five or six years ago in Bogota, Colombia. There bored marriage was really bored and that they cannot remember themselves when was the last they had sex.
They learn that they are both assassins hired from different agencies. They are assigned to kill Benjamin "The Tank" Danz, they cross their path and hit each other. They don't know yet that it was Jane, his wife and on the other hand, Jane doesn't know that it was her husband who hit her.
After the war in their house, they both realized that they still love each other. They both cooperating to get their target.

Good Luck Chuck (2007)

This is an American romantic comedy film starring Jessica Alba and Dane Cook.

This is the story of a dentist who was being cursed by her teenage girl who got a crush on him but he refuse her.
"Chuck" means a a good luck charm lover. If anyone who had sex with him will find their one true love.
Now, he meet this girl Cam Wexler (Jessica Alba) at the party who is working at her habitan Gentoo Penguins and she accidentally slips and breaks her tooth. She called him and agrees to work on his tooth. And their romance began.
On the other hand, chuck is now popular to all women that whoever a woman will make love with him will find her one true love.

This is really a funny movie that you should watch.