Nim's Island (2008)

This is a story directed by Jennifer Flackett with the main casts Abigail Breslin, Jodie Foster, Gerald Butler.

Nim(Abigail Breslin), is an 11 year old girl, who lives in an Island in South Pacific with her father (Geral Butler) and her mother is a deceased which her father had told her that her mom was being swallowed by a Blue whale.

Nim receives and email from Alexandra Rover or Alex Rover, the auther of the book Alex Rover Adventure and asks about his field of knowledge. Alex Rover is somewhat adventurous but in reality she is definitely the opposite.

Nim's father is a marine biologist and is gone for 2 days to find protozoa Nim (a new species of Plankton). He wants to take her along but Nim convinces him to stay because she has to oversee Chicca's eggs (Turtle). They communicated via sattelite phone. However, Jack encounters large waves in the ocean that caused his boat ruin. Galileo, the Pelican, friend of Nim help her father and brings back the things that he needs to fix.

They are exchanging thoughts Alex Rover have told that Nim is alone on that island and that her father did not return home as the time expected. She travelled to rescue Nim.

But at last, Nim's father return home and falls in love with Alexandra Rover (Jodie Foster). This is really a great adventure movie.

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