Serendipity (2001)

Serendipity (2001)SynopsisWhen Jonathan Trager and Sara Thomas meet at New York on Christmas both are buying the same gloves for their lovers but they both don't know the name yet. Jonathan ask Sara of her name and a telephone number but Sara refuse him but instead she decided to let faith will find its way.
Sara Thomas have told Jonathan to test the faith if they are really meant for each other like going up in a building with different elevator and if they meet in the same floor that means they are destined for each other; second, she put her name and phone number on the first page of the book entitled "LOVE IN THE TIMES OF CHOLERA" and sell it. If he will find that book, then they are meant to be; third, she wrote his name in a dollar bill and if that money will back in her wallet, that means they are destined.
They have separated and live in a different country. They both now engaged but Jon seek help from his best man to look for that woman she met in New York and so as Sara who had just asked her fiancee a break then flew to New York.

Will faith finds its way for the two?

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