Rush Hour (1998)

Rush Hour is a comedy action film with directed by Brett Ratner, starring Jacky Chan and Chris Tucker.
Detective Inspector Lee (Jacky Chan) of the Hongkong Police leads a raid in the docks hoping to catch the famous crime Lord Juntao. But he only finds Juntao's right hand man Sang (Ken Leung) and he recovers various of Chinese Cultural Treasures being stolen by Juntao to represent as a farewell victory to his departing superiors; Chinese consul Han (Tzi Ma) and British commanderThomas Griffin (Tom Wilkinson).

On the first day of class of Han's daughter Soo-yung is kidnapped by Sang. Chinese Consul han ask Lee to help him rescuing his only daughter. However, LAPD Detective James Carter, is an arrogant, overconfident and clumsy police officer has also been assigned to take the case. But he were told to keep Lee away from the investigation or else he will have a 2-months suspension without pay due to his clumsiness.
He then met Lee at Los Angeles International Airport to fetch Lee. At first, they had a terrible misunderstandings with Lee but later on he forget what his boss said, instead they agreed to solve the case together.

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geemiz said...

it seems that you have not yet got a review
for the GI JOE : RISE OF COBRA movie. it is a nice movie. though some critics does not like it or they just dont love it because the director is STEPHEN SOMMERS