Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Slumdog Millionaire Photo
This is one my top list movie I ever watched. Slumdog Millionaire is the story to Jamal Malik - an orphan from Mumbai, India.
He joins the Kuan Banega Crorepati (2000) - Who wants to be a million quiz show hoping that his lost love - Latika will watch him.
Every question will reveal his life story as a street kid with his brother, the encounters of a local gangs and etc.
When the final episode comes, the police arrested him when the show breaks and suspicted him of cheating on how this innocent kid answers correctly all the questions. The police listens to his story and he reveal every endeavor he has to get his love Latika back.

This is really touching yet very inspiring story with a kid struggling to live in the streets. His journey has helped him to succeed.

The Messenger: Scarecrew (2009)

The Scarecrow photoThis is an American Horror/Thriller film starring Norman Reedus, Claire Holt, and Erbi Ago.

This story started when John Rollins (Norman Reedus) - the head of the Rollins Family is trying to his farm. The corn are dying because of the irrigation failure and that he borrowed money from the bank. His financial adviser and his friend advises him to sell the farm but he refuses.

He found a secret door in his barn and found this old scarecrow. He then put the scarecrow in his farm and luck started to come along but everyone who will pass the field will be cursed.

This is also another scary movie for me and I recommend it to you guys who loved to watch horror movies.

What Happens in Vegas

Cameron Diaz in What Happens in VegasThis is a 2008 movie. I just saw this movie and its fun.. really really fun.
Joy Mcnally (Cameron Diaz) meets with Jack Fuller - a clumpsy and lousy person who just fired from his boss who happens to his father. Jack Fuller decided to go to Vegas with his unsuccessful lawyer friend, Hater. So as Joy Mcnally. She just dumped by her boyfriend on his birthday in front of her friends. She and her friend decided to go to Vegas.
Due to hotel management mistake, the four stayed in the same room. They go out and explore and ask Cameron to dare with him to drink. The same night, when they are drunk, they don't know that they got married. You know, if you live in Vegas, an instant marriage is available.
Their horrifying and funny story evolved in their unplanned marriage after Jack uses joy's coin to gamble in the jackpot machine and got the jackpot of 3 million dollars.
Will they survive their marriage or ended up a divorce?

Why don't you try to watch it?

Love 'N Dancing (2009)

Jake Mitchell was a world champion with his partner Corrine in World Swing Champion.
Present day, Jake now teaches dance lesson while Corrine judges. Jake is completely deaf. He had her infection while he was a teenager. He just learned how to dance by feeling the vibration of music.
Jessica Donovan - an english teacher once was a dancer when she was younger. Her fiance -Kent is a work-a-holic who cares more about his work that of Jessica's happiness. Jessica took up a dance lesson with Jake Mitchell to compete and their goal now is to be a world champion.
Their romance started when Jessica broke up with her fiance - Kent.

Twilight (2008)

Isabella Swan moves to Fork to live with her father and finished her junior year in that place. She meet the Edward Cullen who is weird and has the unexplainable abilities and strength. He now falls in love with the girl and so as Isabella. He later told Isabella to leaver her because he knew he was just taking Bella to danger. Soon she finds out that Edward is a vampire.

Anak (2000) - Vilma Santos and Claudine Barretto

Vilma Santos leaves her family in the Philippines to go abroad as an OFW or Oversears Filipino Worker to find a higher paying jobs. She worked hard for her family's future and her employer did not allow her to call or to go on vacation. She didn't came for her husband's funeral causing her children to hate her.
When she arrived home in Manila, Philippines, her two children are now grown ups. Everything has changed. Her daughter (Claudine Barretto) have joined to drug addicts and even used drugs.
The problem arises on how she will rebuild their family relationship and to bring back her daughter to their home.
This is the first movie I've ever watched in the SM cinemas with my sister. This is a great movie for the family. You will learn a lot from this movie and it describes how OFW struggle their lives leaving their families home.

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The Other End of the Line (2008)

Shriya Saran - The other end of the line 2008
Priya (Shriya Saran) An Indian woman who works in an American credit card call center company. She falls in love with one of her clients, Granger (Jesse Metcalfe). The latter is one of the asset in Hawksin hotels where he works.
Priya decided to go to New york City to meet with Granger and stays at Hawksin Hotels. But she hide her identity before Granger. They accidentaly collide their path at the lobby but she never tells that she is the girl whom he want to meet.
They enjoy their time together during her stay at the hotel. Priya's parents flew in to New York and her true identity reveals. She is already engaged back in Mumbai, India. She apologize to Granger and flew back to India. Granger realizes that he is in love to Priya, he reaches India... Priya's parents accepts her decicion.
This is a great movie. You should watch it guys.