The Reader (2008)

This is really an amazing film I've ever watched. I almost cannot hold my tears back into my eyes with the life's story of Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslett) and Micheal Berg (David Kross).
We never know when we feel love. We never know how it ends. This movie is related to the world war during Adolf Hitler's occupation, however, the story focusses on the two main casts: Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslett) and Michael Berg (David Kross).
When Michael Berg was nearly sixteen years old, was ill at the German Stret, a woman in her 30s (Kate Winslett) took care of him and when he recovers he shows back to her apartment to thank her. The two end up with a passionate love romance. He always read a book for her like "The Oddysey" and "The Lady with the Little Dog". But suddenly Hanna disappears and Michael didn't know her whereabouts. Several years later, Michael is a law student observing some Nazi war trials when he realize that the defendant is Hanna Schmitz.
But have you not noticed why it is called "The Reader?" Simply because Hanna loves being read. When she imprison for many years, Michael send her various tape that record his own voice reading a story of "The Lady with the Little Dog". Hanna then knew how to read and write in the jail with the help of the recorded voice tape of Michael Berg.
This story shows how his concern and love to woman whom she always call him "KID".
I really love this captivating movie. I recommended this movie to all my friends and I wasnt to share them the essence of this inspiring film.