Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinasaurs

When Sid wants to have his own family, he steals the three eggs from a dinasaur. Life begins to change to Manny and his friends.
When the eggs hatched, the mother dinasaur tries to get back her three kids from Sid but he include Sid that lead him into an underground strange world.
Manny and his perfect item Ellie, who is about to give birth, with Diego - the lion help them to find Sid and bring it back to their world.
This movie is really for the family. This is really fun especially when a squirell finds a romance while chasing with the cheese nut.


Anonymous said...

from your niece....tita i wached ice age dawn of dinosaur already!

mariancalago said...

heheh..yes hazel. its really a great movie...very funny.