The Hunting in Connecticut (2009)

The Hunting in Connecticut This is a true story of a family who transfers their house near to their son's clinic for better medications. His son is suffering from a cancer.
The Campbell family experienced horrible violent supernatural events that Matt's parents first blame stress and hallucinations from his medications and treatment.
This story focusses on Matt Campbell, the son of Sara, who is being treted by cancer.
Matt Campbell is staying at the basement where in the middle of the night, his clairvoyant have experienced several disturbing visions of a seance.
Later, the family discovers that the house was previously a funeral parlor.
This is scary movie. At first, I cannot just imagine that this is really happening. The mysteries behind has been solved with the help of Matt.
At the end, Matt survive of cancer and is fully recovered. The house has been rebuilt, resold with no further disturabances or incidents reported.


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