Shutter (2008)

The newly-wed couple - Ben (Joshua Jackson) and Jane (Rachael Taylor) have mysteriously discovers their photograph a light shaddow.
Ben is a photographer and decided to move to leave for Japan whe he should take a photos of a certain client. On their way to the Cabin, Jane gets lost and awaken the sleeping Ben and asked him to look for a map. Jane sees a girl walk into the road and suddenly she hit the girl and bumps unto the tree. They both fall unconcious.
After the accident, Jane took photos everywhere in Japan while Ben is busy with his photography job, she notice a light white shadow on her every photograph. She wonders and asks Ben if know anything about it. She found out that the mysterious ghostly image on the photos named Megumi - a shy type girl who happened to be the girlfriend of Ben before.
What's the mystery behind the past of Ben and Megumi?
This is a scary movie with intense suspense. Watch it now!