This is a great story for couple and you can get a valuable lesson from it. I strongly recommend this movie to those married couples who has just terribly fighting each other and cannot overcome the loads they have.

The story reflects to the common problem to couples.

When Caleb hold tries to save their marriage for 40 days known as "The Love Dare" when his father - a Reformed Christian, tries to help him to save their seven years of marriage. Caleb is a firefighter who stand his rule "Never Leave your Partner" but he cannot resist the fact that his own married life situation nearly fall apart.

So he confronted his father and told him everything about their never-ending arguments. His father asked him if there is another way and chance to save their marriage. He asked a favor and gave him a book calle a "Love Dare".

The setting of the story and the big impact to the families have greatly influenced many couples. To accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and he never leave you behind all the time.