Dennis The Menace

I love this movie. Very funny. It makes my stomach ache and can't help but to laugh and laugh.

Dennis the Menace is a family film Hank Ketcham comic strip.

Dennis Mitchel, a 5-year old boy living with his parents next to hot-tempered Mr. George Wilson, is out of school for the summer. Whis his parents are both working with their respective employers, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell forced to have various of people to babysit Dennis. The latter becomes more and more notorious among babysitters for being more than a handful, and his flagrant unwillingness to be babysat by Martha Wade (parent of his female nemesis, Margaret), proves a difficult situation when both parents are forced to go on business trips for their respective companies.

His parents tried to ask Mr. and Mrs. Wilson to babysit Dennis. Mr. Wilson, becoming a winner of the community's garden association, holds a party, inviting the elder community to witness the blooming of a rare flower, whose forty-year existence will, in the light of a full moon, produce only ten seconds of a flowered life before withering away.
Dennis ran off away from Mr. Wilson when he mistakenly pushed the button and turned out all their foods swipped on the ground.
He was driven to the forest and Sam - the thief found him and made him a hostage. The hostage taker is now the victim of Dennis' naughtyness and send the thief to jail.
This is an extraordinary movie for me which is perfect for the whole family.