Avatar 2009 movie

Avatar 2009 is an american science fiction directed by James Cameron, and with the main casts Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Zigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang.
This is a great movie guys. You should watch it.

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Baler movie is based on true events which were happened in Baler province, somewhere in North Luzon.
The main casts of this movie were Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales and other pinoy casts.
The love story happens in Baler when Celco (Jericho Rosales) was a Spanish soldier meet this young beautiful woman Feliza (Anne Curtis) who’s father is a Rebel.

"I love you Goodbye" Movie from Star Cinema

I love you goodbye movie is an official entry of Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) with the leading stars Angelica Panganiban, Gabby Conception, Kim Chiu and Derek Ramsy directed by Laurice Guillen.

Another movie from star cinema will be showing on December 25, 2009.

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Valkyrie (2008) movie synopsis

Valkyrie (2008) is played by Tom Cruise.

This movie is a true story of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (CRUISE) who is a loyal offices who serves his own country. During Hitler's time, Colonel Claus was hoping to stop Hitler from destroying Europe and Germany.

She's the Man (2006) movie synopsis

Sebastian Hastings (James Kirk) is out for two weeks in London for his passion in Music leaving his twin sister Viola (Amanda Bynes) to help him in his school. Viola Hasting decided to disguise her personality and pretended to be as Sebastian since her Soccer team had been cut off and she also dump her boyfriend. Her passion in Soccer game had lead her to slept with her roomate Duke (Channing Tatum). It has been her dream to beat with the guys in the Soccer field and prove to them that girls are better that the boys.

The Bucket List 2007

The main star of the movie was Carter Chambers(Morgan Freeman) and Edward Cole(Jack Nicholson). Both have terminal illnesess and they shared a room in the hospita. Edward Cole was a corporate billionairre while Carter Chambers was a working class mechanic. After Edward and Carter know that their life will end too soon, they planned to leave and made a bucket list. This list were the things that they should do before their life ended. They traveled to France, Africa, Asia, etc. They even did an extreme sky diving.

The movie was really good and I think everyone should watch it. It had a good dramatical sequence. You'll be inspired by how they spent their last hour on earth. The most interesting part of the movie was when Edward Cole made a speech during Carter's funeral.

Overall the movie was excellent.
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2012 (2009)

2012 is a very interesting movie of the year. I had watched this movie in SM Theater
and it has a very excellent sound effects and the motion picture was just fantastic.
I was surprised because there are a lot of thrilling scenes in the movie.

2012 is a fictional movie about the ending of the world. It was predicted by the Mayan settlers
thousands of year ago that the earth will end in 2012. Mayan calendar ended on 2012. Of course we are not praying that it will happen but we are praying contrary to that.

2012 focus on the family of John Cossack, The U.S. government, the Researchers and the people in their quest of survival. In the movie by year 2012, the planet will line and the earth's core will melt causing land mass to fall down and displacement. The movie has an excellent visual effects on volcanic eruptions, comets of magma like an intruders and the collapse of buildings and other known structures in the world.

John Cossack, 2 kids, Ex, and his Ex boyfriend joined together to survived. They were able to excaped from the devastating collapse of America by plane. From high above they were able to witness how mother Earth and its inhabitant vanished. On the other hand, the U.S. government has prepared for this foreseen events. That's why they build several ships in China and the construction was successful. John Cossack and his family were able to reach China and fortunate to get aboard the ship together with other people. When the vast water flooded the area, problems in the ship arise, however they also to fix the problems. The water surge was very quick. The water even reach the top of the Himalayan mountains to Mt. Everest. Because of the major displacement of land mass in Earth, new lands, new territories emerge. After the catastrophic event, only those who were inside the ship survived. For another new beginning.

What I like most about the movie was its visual effects. There are a lot of scenes in the movie that makes you jump from your seat make a self defense against self destruction...
You'll like this movie. Watch it now.

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