She's the Man (2006) movie synopsis

Sebastian Hastings (James Kirk) is out for two weeks in London for his passion in Music leaving his twin sister Viola (Amanda Bynes) to help him in his school. Viola Hasting decided to disguise her personality and pretended to be as Sebastian since her Soccer team had been cut off and she also dump her boyfriend. Her passion in Soccer game had lead her to slept with her roomate Duke (Channing Tatum). It has been her dream to beat with the guys in the Soccer field and prove to them that girls are better that the boys.

After several days of pretending to be his brother, constant training, she fell in love with her roommate, Duke.
One day, the Hastings family were in the Carnival where in her mother is expecting Sebastian and Viola to be there and so as Monique, Sebastian's girlfriend. She changed clothes from time to time to make one of her twin appear. An encounter where in Duke kissed Viola. The real Sebastian Hastings also fell in love with Olivia.

This movie is really great. You should have to watch this one.

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