Baler movie is based on true events which were happened in Baler province, somewhere in North Luzon.
The main casts of this movie were Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales and other pinoy casts.
The love story happens in Baler when Celco (Jericho Rosales) was a Spanish soldier meet this young beautiful woman Feliza (Anne Curtis) who’s father is a Rebel.

Her Family prohibits their love affair with Celso. After Lt. Mota assassinated, Celso and Feliza continued to struggle their love not to get caught by Feliza’s parents. Feliza’s father considered the Spanish soldiers as his mortal enemies because he just want to give justice to his sister who had been raped by the Spanish soldier in front of  him.
The battle begins between the Spanish soldiers and the rebels.

Their love begins in Baler and ends also in Baler. This story explains how the Spaniards spent their time in the Philippines and how they treated Filipinos.

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