Stepbothers 2008

Stepbrothers is a 2008 comedy film that will surely make you laugh.

Here's the synopsis:

Brennan Huff (Ferrel) is a thirty-nine year old who just got fired from his job and lives with his mother, Nancy (Mary Steenburgen) while Dale Doback (Reilly) is a forty year old unemployed man who also live with his father, Robert (Richard Jenkins).
When Robert and Nancy got married and forced to live together under one roof. Nancy and Brennan moved to Robert's house. Dale and Brennan forced to live in and sleep in the same room as a stepbrothers. At first, they really are not comfortable with each other and always had a fight. Later on they started to realize to be friend with each other.

I really laugh on the scenes that during their job interviews, their character reference is Jesus Christ. It was really.. really... you know.....

They failed to get a job and return home. Brennan was once a singer and however Dale has a passion of beats like drums in a band. They decided to make their own company called "Prestige Worldwide". They make a music video to promote their singing talents being shot on Robert's boat.

Robert decided to file a divorce to Nancy. Dale and Brennan blame themselves for the break up and parted ways. During the sales party for helicopters, the Catalina Wine Mixer (it was arranged by Brennan), the whole family meet up together and as Dale and Brennan of their Prestige Worldwide, Brennan started to sing right after the band quits. Robert and Nancy dance together and falls in love again.

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Lakehouse 2006

Lake house movie review synopsisLakehouse 2006 movie is a love story or extraordinary people who live at different times.
Dr. Kate Forster is a doctor who works in a hospital in Chicago moving our from her lake house.
Alex Wyler is an architect who works in a construction of a new complex of houses at the city skirts, is a new owner of lake house.
Their correspondence with Alex and Kate through mailbox, sending notes and talking about each other about the lakehouse. However, Kate and Alex world is impossible to meet. Alex live in the year 2004 and Kate in the future, year 2006.
After talking and sharing each other's experience and the past and future, they seem to fall in love.
They try to find a way to see each other regardless of the time.

You, have you watched this movie?

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City of Ember 2008

On the day the world ended the fate of a mankind was carried in a small box. The City of Ember is built that could last for 200 years. It was design and built by a group of scientists, engineers and architect. They have met in a secret location and made a crucial decision. They concluded that there was only one hope for our future, is to build an underground City to protect from citizen for generations to come.

The small metal box contains the instruction to the exit from the City of Ember. The small metal box is designed to open only after 200 years. It was given to the first mayor of ember and then this mayor will pass it to his/her successor but the chain was broken and the box was forgotten.

After 200 years the City of Ember experienced several blackouts and their generator was falling. Citizens of Ember worried about the condition of the City. Their food supplies were being rationed.

Lina a young girl assigned to be a messenger found the small metal box that contains instruction who believed that it was made by the builders. This young girl had a friend who could help her unlocked the secrets to the exit from ember. Together with her little sister poppy they found the exit and made it to the world above the sky.

The movie is so exciting and a lot of heart pounding scenes. You can really sense how determine this young mind to see the world outside the City of Ember. Their curious and hopeful mind brought them to this exciting adventure. The movie also shows how power urged someone to be selfish and immature in times of great need. The mayor for example collected their food supplies in a secret location just for himself. End the end stuck in a horrifying death.

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Adventureland (2009)

It is good movie for young adults. The story is about a young man, James who just graduated from college. He was force to work in the adventureland in order to meet his plans in life. The Adventureland is an amusement place where everyone can enjoy themselves with all the rides and games. James met Em in the amusement and fall in love with each other. However both have secrets, James had a date with the beautiful girl in the amusement but James eventually confess to Em. Em on the other hand had an affair with Mike Connell (Ryan Reynolds). James knew about it after a friend told him the whole story. He goes mad and end their job in the adventureland. In the end both was able to get in touch with each other in New York.

The story is a typical kind of movie that features love, adventure, adulthood, and showed some lessons that everyone could learn.

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Tropic Thunder (2008)

Tropic Thunder is actually a movie in progress played by Speedman (Ben Stiller), Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr.), Chino (Brandon T. Jackson), Portnoy (Jack Black) and Sandusky ( Jay Baruchel). The production of the movie is a month behind schedule and has been spending millions of dollars. The director was not able to properly organized their actors while the actors showed no emotional attachment to the movie or its story.

The writer of the Tropic Thunder was believed to be one of those armies who fought the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war. However it was found that he was neither a soldier nor having no fingers, he wrote the story for the tribute to those who fought in war.

The actors were sent into the jungle to shot the movie. They were told that cameras were installed all over the place. They were given a map and continuing to do the scenes. Speedman (Ben Stiller) part ways with the group and soon captured with the Dragons “a known heroin producer”. The group continued to travel and found out that speedman is captured. They plan an ambush based on the film’s plot line and was a success. They were able to rescue Speedman and the rest of the group.

The story is some sort of comedy, action and drama. One of the funny parts is in their shooting part wherein one army was shot in the head and then came blood rushing out like a water in the faucet. Also funny part is when sadusky is attacked with a knife in his stomach, his intestines are coming out and his holding in it. Speedman’s hand become like a blooming flowers. In the story I was surprised when a kid appears to be the leader of the Dragon. No wonder to be him because he knows Kung Fu. I enjoy the whole story. It is really another big hit in Ben Stiller’s movie.

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Changeling (2008)

Changeling is inspired by a true story movie set on 1928. The movie is starred by Angelina Jolie. The story is excellent wherein the sequence is properly arranged. The thrilling in the movie starts when Walter Collins is gone. However after a couple of months of continued search the LAPD found a boy in Illinois that match with the description of Christine’s son. When the boy was presented to Christine Collins, she denied that it was her son. She also found concrete evidence that it’s not really her son; the boy is circumcised, 2 inches shorter than the last time she measures Walter, he cannot remember were he sits in his classroom and there are some changes in his teeth. Now the teacher and the dentist are ready to give their testimonies to the court. After many denials, the LAPD brought Christine to the confinement for the reason of insanity. She was able to get out after the truth about her uncovers.

The movie portrayed something that we didn’t know. It also shows how a mother unceasingly searches for his lost son. In the end of the movie Christine Collins gains hope that his son might still be alive because of the new revelations by the kid of was able to survive. She’s hoping that her son might be somewhere still afraid to get out.

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