Lakehouse 2006

Lake house movie review synopsisLakehouse 2006 movie is a love story or extraordinary people who live at different times.
Dr. Kate Forster is a doctor who works in a hospital in Chicago moving our from her lake house.
Alex Wyler is an architect who works in a construction of a new complex of houses at the city skirts, is a new owner of lake house.
Their correspondence with Alex and Kate through mailbox, sending notes and talking about each other about the lakehouse. However, Kate and Alex world is impossible to meet. Alex live in the year 2004 and Kate in the future, year 2006.
After talking and sharing each other's experience and the past and future, they seem to fall in love.
They try to find a way to see each other regardless of the time.

You, have you watched this movie?

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Renz Taburada said...

Ito ba yung movie starred by Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves? It's a good movie.

Rocky Garcia said...

Yup it's a good movie!

Movie Reviews said...

at Renz

yes.... Sandra Bullock and Keano Reeves was the main casts.
IT was really a good movie.... love it really...