Adventureland (2009)

It is good movie for young adults. The story is about a young man, James who just graduated from college. He was force to work in the adventureland in order to meet his plans in life. The Adventureland is an amusement place where everyone can enjoy themselves with all the rides and games. James met Em in the amusement and fall in love with each other. However both have secrets, James had a date with the beautiful girl in the amusement but James eventually confess to Em. Em on the other hand had an affair with Mike Connell (Ryan Reynolds). James knew about it after a friend told him the whole story. He goes mad and end their job in the adventureland. In the end both was able to get in touch with each other in New York.

The story is a typical kind of movie that features love, adventure, adulthood, and showed some lessons that everyone could learn.

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celebrity gossips said...

I have not seen this movie yet. it was just an overview.