Changeling (2008)

Changeling is inspired by a true story movie set on 1928. The movie is starred by Angelina Jolie. The story is excellent wherein the sequence is properly arranged. The thrilling in the movie starts when Walter Collins is gone. However after a couple of months of continued search the LAPD found a boy in Illinois that match with the description of Christine’s son. When the boy was presented to Christine Collins, she denied that it was her son. She also found concrete evidence that it’s not really her son; the boy is circumcised, 2 inches shorter than the last time she measures Walter, he cannot remember were he sits in his classroom and there are some changes in his teeth. Now the teacher and the dentist are ready to give their testimonies to the court. After many denials, the LAPD brought Christine to the confinement for the reason of insanity. She was able to get out after the truth about her uncovers.

The movie portrayed something that we didn’t know. It also shows how a mother unceasingly searches for his lost son. In the end of the movie Christine Collins gains hope that his son might still be alive because of the new revelations by the kid of was able to survive. She’s hoping that her son might be somewhere still afraid to get out.

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mountain top experience said...

This is heartbreaking.

However, it is quite unusual for a mother to not know her son at first glance. It took her how many days to finally realize in full that it is not her son.

CebuImage said...

paano ba mag download anong i install?