Train to Busan Movie Synopsis

Train to Busan is a South Korean Zombie Apocalypse Horror-Thriller movie.

The Movie is about a fund manager Seok-Woo - recently divorced to his wife, granted the wish of her daughter to visit her Mother to Busan. They boarded a train in Seoul Station. The train door was about to close when a young woman rushed in with a bite on her leg. She was already infected by a virus to become a Zombie. The train boarded by a pregnant woman and her tough husband - Sang-Hwa, high school baseball team, rich and selfish CEO Yon-Suk, a homeless man, and an Elderly sisters.

The young woman who got a bite from a zombie now turned to a Zombie, bites a train crew and many other passengers and that's how the zombie infection spreads.

My own review: 
This movie is one of the best korean movies that I have watched. It made my heart thrilled. In fact, before watching this movie, i read so many online reviews first if this movie is worth the watch and Alas, It's worth it.  You should watch it too.