Pink Panther 2

Pink Panther 2 is a spy comedy film directed by Harald Zwart. It is the sequel to 2006 film The Pink Panther, a reboot of a popular comedy series.
This movie is really fun and experiend the extraordinary role of Inspector Clouseau(Steve Martin).
When the legendary treasures from around the world are stolen which includes the Pink Panther Diamond, Chief Inspector Dreyfus (John Cleese) is forced to assign the task to Inspector Clouseau into International detectives and joined the team to retrieve the lost artifacts.
Joined him as the adventures begun with his partin, Ponton, to investigate the most valuable treasure.
This movie is set at Paris and Rome.


This is a great story for couple and you can get a valuable lesson from it. I strongly recommend this movie to those married couples who has just terribly fighting each other and cannot overcome the loads they have.

The story reflects to the common problem to couples.

When Caleb hold tries to save their marriage for 40 days known as "The Love Dare" when his father - a Reformed Christian, tries to help him to save their seven years of marriage. Caleb is a firefighter who stand his rule "Never Leave your Partner" but he cannot resist the fact that his own married life situation nearly fall apart.

So he confronted his father and told him everything about their never-ending arguments. His father asked him if there is another way and chance to save their marriage. He asked a favor and gave him a book calle a "Love Dare".

The setting of the story and the big impact to the families have greatly influenced many couples. To accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and he never leave you behind all the time.

Dennis The Menace

I love this movie. Very funny. It makes my stomach ache and can't help but to laugh and laugh.

Dennis the Menace is a family film Hank Ketcham comic strip.

Dennis Mitchel, a 5-year old boy living with his parents next to hot-tempered Mr. George Wilson, is out of school for the summer. Whis his parents are both working with their respective employers, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell forced to have various of people to babysit Dennis. The latter becomes more and more notorious among babysitters for being more than a handful, and his flagrant unwillingness to be babysat by Martha Wade (parent of his female nemesis, Margaret), proves a difficult situation when both parents are forced to go on business trips for their respective companies.

His parents tried to ask Mr. and Mrs. Wilson to babysit Dennis. Mr. Wilson, becoming a winner of the community's garden association, holds a party, inviting the elder community to witness the blooming of a rare flower, whose forty-year existence will, in the light of a full moon, produce only ten seconds of a flowered life before withering away.
Dennis ran off away from Mr. Wilson when he mistakenly pushed the button and turned out all their foods swipped on the ground.
He was driven to the forest and Sam - the thief found him and made him a hostage. The hostage taker is now the victim of Dennis' naughtyness and send the thief to jail.
This is an extraordinary movie for me which is perfect for the whole family.

Knowing (Nicholas Cage)

This movie was played by famous actor (Nicholas Cage) is a fiction film directed by Alex Proyas.
The story goes like this:
In 1959, at William Dawes Elementary School, Massachusetts, a time capsule containing the drawing of the students the idea of what will be the future look like and buried and set to be opened 50 years later. There was a girl named Lucinda Embry contributes a full page of ramdom numbers and acted mysteriously. She was then found one day at the school's closet with her bloodied hands and complaining about the whispering voices.
50 years later, A boy named Caleb - son of John Koestler, a widower and a professor of astrophysics at MIT. Caleb receives the handwriting of Lucinda Embry containing the series of numbers and John noticed it. John Koestler realized that the series of numbers in the paper form dates and death tolls of every major disaster for over 50 years and suggests there are still three disasters to come.
Caleb begins receiving mysterious visits from the strangers and hears a telephatic whispers. John witnesses the tragic commercial place crash on the very place and date the predicted disaster will occur. Another disaster will happen in Manhattan. He also tried to prevent the Manhattan train derailment crash but he failed.
The last major disaster would be the Solar flare which everybody will die. Caleb and Abby - granddaughter of Lucinda was being driven by the strangers and reached to the forest. They were being saved and followed the strangers.
However, John went home to his family and together they will die as the solar flare strikes the earth.
This story nearly comes into reality as I have watched this movie. The last disaster where the solar flare or the sun explodes and all the living creatures in the earth will vanished. I guess, this predictions have the possibility to come true. Because, as we can see now our environment and the climate change.

The Family Man

This amazing movie relates some people into their real lives. Asked themselves What if you have made a different choices? You said yes but instead you said no. This is a story of Jack Campbell who thought he has everything until one day fate gave him a glimpse and what is life could have been if he never had gone to London as an investment Banker.
Jack Campbell is a wealthy investment banker. Until one morning, an angel gave him a glimpse of his life if he stayed in the United States with his girlfriend. He suddenly woke up in a strange bed with his wife he never got married and his two kids. He desperately wanted to go back to his old life but he was really stuck in a different situation and an angel wanted to teach this over confident wealthy man a lesson that would change his life forever. He tried to struggle to live with his family with two beautiful and perfect lovely kids. After several days, weeks of living with them in a strange house, he succeeded to love his dull job and enjoys watching and playing with the kids and love his wife. But remember, this isn't a permanent life, this is just a glimpse of his simple life with his family yet wealthy of love and compassion.
His young daughter discovers his secret that he was not their dad and tried to help him survived in a different situation. But when time he realizes the happy family he could have, time for him to go back to his former life - and woke up in his bed and remembers everything about what he dreamt. His former lonely life makes him so desperate. He closed the &130 acquisition deal and find his girlfriend whom he fell in love with before she heads off to Paris. Then he told everything that he wanted to live with her for the rest of his life and the life they could have been when he never had gone to London thirteen years ago.
This story touches my heart and captures my interest to share it to my colleagues and friends. How important is family regardless of all your stuffs. The family is the most important to our lives.

The Pursuit of Happiness

This is one of the best movies I had watched the I can't resist to hold back my tears from flowing.

This movie was based on a true story by Chris Gardner, a on and off homeless salesman turned into stockbroker. Chris Gardner invests his family savings for a bone-density scanner. But the fate really plays his life. When his wife moves to New York for another opportunity, he was totally committed to his son Christopher, who encouraged him to work for a daily living.

During the period of homelessness, he was driven by his fate to fight as a stock broker intership for six months-without salary and any allowances - training period. He's been through a lot of sufferings and sacrifices.

I really love the scene when he was being intervied by a couple of superiors after being arrested for without paying the parking fees. He was totally desperate and went to the office with no proper attire. He was asked by a certain employer: What can you say if I will hire a man with no shirt? and he answered: I guess he's got some nice pants. All of them laugh.

He was not confident to meet an end because only one out of twenty interns will make a cut. When Chris and his 5-year old son evicted from their rented apartment, they were forced to sleep behind the locked doors in the Metro station bathroom.