The Pursuit of Happiness

This is one of the best movies I had watched the I can't resist to hold back my tears from flowing.

This movie was based on a true story by Chris Gardner, a on and off homeless salesman turned into stockbroker. Chris Gardner invests his family savings for a bone-density scanner. But the fate really plays his life. When his wife moves to New York for another opportunity, he was totally committed to his son Christopher, who encouraged him to work for a daily living.

During the period of homelessness, he was driven by his fate to fight as a stock broker intership for six months-without salary and any allowances - training period. He's been through a lot of sufferings and sacrifices.

I really love the scene when he was being intervied by a couple of superiors after being arrested for without paying the parking fees. He was totally desperate and went to the office with no proper attire. He was asked by a certain employer: What can you say if I will hire a man with no shirt? and he answered: I guess he's got some nice pants. All of them laugh.

He was not confident to meet an end because only one out of twenty interns will make a cut. When Chris and his 5-year old son evicted from their rented apartment, they were forced to sleep behind the locked doors in the Metro station bathroom.


Anonymous said...

If you liked that, be sure to see Seven Pounds as well :)