The Family Man

This amazing movie relates some people into their real lives. Asked themselves What if you have made a different choices? You said yes but instead you said no. This is a story of Jack Campbell who thought he has everything until one day fate gave him a glimpse and what is life could have been if he never had gone to London as an investment Banker.
Jack Campbell is a wealthy investment banker. Until one morning, an angel gave him a glimpse of his life if he stayed in the United States with his girlfriend. He suddenly woke up in a strange bed with his wife he never got married and his two kids. He desperately wanted to go back to his old life but he was really stuck in a different situation and an angel wanted to teach this over confident wealthy man a lesson that would change his life forever. He tried to struggle to live with his family with two beautiful and perfect lovely kids. After several days, weeks of living with them in a strange house, he succeeded to love his dull job and enjoys watching and playing with the kids and love his wife. But remember, this isn't a permanent life, this is just a glimpse of his simple life with his family yet wealthy of love and compassion.
His young daughter discovers his secret that he was not their dad and tried to help him survived in a different situation. But when time he realizes the happy family he could have, time for him to go back to his former life - and woke up in his bed and remembers everything about what he dreamt. His former lonely life makes him so desperate. He closed the &130 acquisition deal and find his girlfriend whom he fell in love with before she heads off to Paris. Then he told everything that he wanted to live with her for the rest of his life and the life they could have been when he never had gone to London thirteen years ago.
This story touches my heart and captures my interest to share it to my colleagues and friends. How important is family regardless of all your stuffs. The family is the most important to our lives.