Marley and me (2008)

This is a comedy-drama film directed by David Frankel with the main casts Owen Wilson as John Grogan and Jennifer Aniston as Jenny Grogan.
A newly-wed couple escape from Michigan to Southern Florida where they hired as a newspaper writers.
His friend and co-worker Sebastian Tunney suggests to a couple to adopt first a dog to find out if they are ready to raise a family. Marley - the name of a dog is a kind of sweet that's why Jenny choose Marley to be part in their family.
But things changed when Marley is getting bigger and bigger. They welcomed their first baby Patrick.
When John reaches 40 and so as Marley is getting older and began to have an arthritis that could lead him to die. The whole family mourn of losing Marley because Marley is their first baby.
This is a funny movie and a story of a family who lives simply with their big dog in the house.

The Uninvited (2009)

Teen Anna (Emily Browning) returns to her New England mansion along the shoreline. She just released from a mental hospital after she lost her mother in fire.
Her father (David Straitharn) introduce her new girlfriend Rachel (Elizabeth Banks) - a former home-nurse for her sick mother. Her mother has been housed in their family boathouse.
She sees a vision of the ghosts in their house including her burned mother and only Alex she can depend on. Her mother warned her from Rachel. So they collects all Rachel's belongings including IDs and checked her personal background. They soon realize that there was no name Rachel exists.
At the end, she kills Rachel knowing that it was Ales who killed her but after her father arrive, she now realizes that Alex is already dead with her mother in their boathouse. She recalls what happened to that night.
This suspense horror movie makes my heart pump everytime she forsee the ghosts and her mother corpse. This is really great.

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

The Museum pieces has been moved to Federal Storage Washington Museums because the Museum of National History is closed for renovations.
On the last night, Larry (Ben Stiller) finds his friends including Theodore Roosevelt(Robin Williams), Rexy the tyrannosaurus skeleton, and Dexter the capuchin monkey.
The good Pharaoh Ahkmenrah and his tablet are not moving to Smithsonian Institution, and the Easter Island head - without the Tablet of Ahkmenrah, and other exhibits will no longer be animated. And there adventure begun.
This is really great movie. I have also watched the night of the Museum 1 where Larry(Ben Stiller) defeated the three night guards plotting to steal the Tablet.

The Hunting in Connecticut (2009)

The Hunting in Connecticut This is a true story of a family who transfers their house near to their son's clinic for better medications. His son is suffering from a cancer.
The Campbell family experienced horrible violent supernatural events that Matt's parents first blame stress and hallucinations from his medications and treatment.
This story focusses on Matt Campbell, the son of Sara, who is being treted by cancer.
Matt Campbell is staying at the basement where in the middle of the night, his clairvoyant have experienced several disturbing visions of a seance.
Later, the family discovers that the house was previously a funeral parlor.
This is scary movie. At first, I cannot just imagine that this is really happening. The mysteries behind has been solved with the help of Matt.
At the end, Matt survive of cancer and is fully recovered. The house has been rebuilt, resold with no further disturabances or incidents reported.

A Walk to Remember (2002)

Love starts to bloom in Spring at the little port town of Beaufort, North Carolina. A popular student Landon Carter finds himself in the hospital because he had done terribly wrong. As a punishment, he needs to participate any activities including the Drama's club Spring Play.
Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore) was the daugter of town's minister which she did not afraid to let the people know that her faith was the most important part of her life.
When Landon decided to participate the activity, he asked Jamie (Mandy Moore) to tutor him. Then the romance starts to evolve between them. He fall in love with Jamie.
This is the best movie I've ever seen for my entire life. I cannot forget this movie since the it explains the essence of love and romance. The true meaning of love.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinasaurs

When Sid wants to have his own family, he steals the three eggs from a dinasaur. Life begins to change to Manny and his friends.
When the eggs hatched, the mother dinasaur tries to get back her three kids from Sid but he include Sid that lead him into an underground strange world.
Manny and his perfect item Ellie, who is about to give birth, with Diego - the lion help them to find Sid and bring it back to their world.
This movie is really for the family. This is really fun especially when a squirell finds a romance while chasing with the cheese nut.

Dying Young (1991)

Victor Geddes (Campbell Scott) is suffering from leukemia for several years is looking for nurse who would help and assist him in his chemotherapy treatment. He hires the young Hillary O'Neil (Julia Roberts) who had just found out that her boyfriend betrayed her.

But as the time passed of being together, nursing him with constant care, a romance spark in their both hearts. They fall in love with each other.

This movie explains how love works and help with a person infected by a dying disease. That emotional feelings will greatly affect your health. Victor Geddes have fallen in love with Hillary O'Neil for the first time and he forget that he is sick. She help Victor to encourage himself to live and fight in the name of love.

The Reader (2008)

This is really an amazing film I've ever watched. I almost cannot hold my tears back into my eyes with the life's story of Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslett) and Micheal Berg (David Kross).
We never know when we feel love. We never know how it ends. This movie is related to the world war during Adolf Hitler's occupation, however, the story focusses on the two main casts: Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslett) and Michael Berg (David Kross).
When Michael Berg was nearly sixteen years old, was ill at the German Stret, a woman in her 30s (Kate Winslett) took care of him and when he recovers he shows back to her apartment to thank her. The two end up with a passionate love romance. He always read a book for her like "The Oddysey" and "The Lady with the Little Dog". But suddenly Hanna disappears and Michael didn't know her whereabouts. Several years later, Michael is a law student observing some Nazi war trials when he realize that the defendant is Hanna Schmitz.
But have you not noticed why it is called "The Reader?" Simply because Hanna loves being read. When she imprison for many years, Michael send her various tape that record his own voice reading a story of "The Lady with the Little Dog". Hanna then knew how to read and write in the jail with the help of the recorded voice tape of Michael Berg.
This story shows how his concern and love to woman whom she always call him "KID".
I really love this captivating movie. I recommended this movie to all my friends and I wasnt to share them the essence of this inspiring film.

Quarantine (2008)

Quarantin is an american horror film directed by John Erick Dowdle with the main casts Jennifer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez, Steve Harris and other famous stars.
When Angela Viday (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman (Steve Harris) assign to stay overnight to set out a report at Los Angeles Fire Station.
An emergency call that takes them to an apartment complex. Police officers are already there when they arrived. Sooner they realize that a woman in the building have infected by a deadly unknown disease and they are trapped inside no way to get out. There mobile phones, tvs, internet connection have been cut off.
This is really a breath-taking movie. This horror film is one my favourie horror movie I cannot forget.

Pearl Harbor (2001)

Pearl Harbor is a 2001 epic war film which foccuses on the War on December 7, 1941 when Japan attack on Pearl Harbor Naval Base.
The main casts of this movie are Ben Afflick which plays the role as First Lieutenant/Captain Rafe McCawley, Josh Hartnett as First Lieutenant/Captain Danny Walker, Kate Beckinsale as Lieutenant Evelyn Johnson.
The childhood Bestfriends Rafe McCawley (Affeck) and Danny Walker (Hartnett) the US Army Air Corps first Lieutenant under the command of Jimmy Doolitle (Baldwin).
On Sunday morning, quiet and peace sorrounding when the Japan air strike against them screamed in the sky surprised to attack the Pearl Harbor.
This is also the love story, romance of Evelyn and Rafe with Danny.

Shutter (2008)

The newly-wed couple - Ben (Joshua Jackson) and Jane (Rachael Taylor) have mysteriously discovers their photograph a light shaddow.
Ben is a photographer and decided to move to leave for Japan whe he should take a photos of a certain client. On their way to the Cabin, Jane gets lost and awaken the sleeping Ben and asked him to look for a map. Jane sees a girl walk into the road and suddenly she hit the girl and bumps unto the tree. They both fall unconcious.
After the accident, Jane took photos everywhere in Japan while Ben is busy with his photography job, she notice a light white shadow on her every photograph. She wonders and asks Ben if know anything about it. She found out that the mysterious ghostly image on the photos named Megumi - a shy type girl who happened to be the girlfriend of Ben before.
What's the mystery behind the past of Ben and Megumi?
This is a scary movie with intense suspense. Watch it now!