The Pianist (2002)

The true story of a famous piano player in Poland, Wladyslaw Szpilman (Adrien Brody), a polish jew who witnessed the restrictions of the Nazis on the Poland city who trapped for five years struggling to live againts the Nazi occupation during World War II.

This movie reflected on how the jews survived during the Hitler's occupancy and how the administration treated brutaly to the jewish people. Wladyslaw Szilman born in Poland with a wealthy happy family and was destroyed when the Nazis ruled over the place and restricting them to live at Warsaw ghetto and his family was being shipped off to Nazis camp land. When he escape from deportation, he lived in the abandoned ruin warsaw who was just bombed by the Nazis. Fortunately, he was lucky to have a nice friend and offered him a comfortable shelter hiding in their apartment. However, if in case the Germans find him, he should go out to the street and forced to hide in an abandoned building, sometimes when circumstance he nearly caught by the germans, he pretended to be dead.

Experience the trill of the movie of how the world history changed our current lives.


minglanilla said...

i able to watch this Hitler time movie and it was so nice specially the ending. It is war drama actually