X-MEN Origin of Wolverine

James Logan aka Wolverine and his brother Victor Creed (soon become Sabrethooth) run away whey they were still young after Logan killed his biological father who murdered his adopted father. They bacame as the soldiers who served several wars until Stryker recruited them in a special unit made up of mutants. After serving several wars he quits the unit and live peacefully with his girlfriend later known as Silver Fox.
After living in a peaceful life, several years later shows up and asks Logan to join them and be part of new Weapon X Project. But Logan rejected the offer. His brother also shows up and killed his girlfriend living him a revenge. He accepted Stryker's offer to be infused with Adamantium so that he can be more powerful.
Later, he found out that Stryker and his brother Victor Creed are working together to gather all abilities of the mutants for their new project and learns that his girlfriend isn't dead but was keeping an eye in him for 6 years and manipulating him with mutant power of persuasion. Fox confronted Stryker and demanded the release of her sister and she was told to wait.
William Stryker activates his XI project which is a combination of all mutant abilities and fight againts Logan. After he won the fight he was safe from the falling debris and was shot by Stryker with adamantium bullets which is the only way to hurt him. He woke up and started to ask himself who he is. Logan is last seen on the bar drinking to remember himself.
This action movie will make you thrilled all the way as the story goes.