Forbidden Kingdom (2008) - Jacky Chan and Jet Li

Forbidden Kingdom is a 2008 American-martial arts adventure film directed by Rob Minnkoff.
I really love this movie since Jacky Chan is my favorite Hollywood actor because I like the way he acted on the screen. If my friends would ask me to watch a movie, it would probably of course Jacky Chan's movie. He has sense of humor and make his viewers laugh. You won't feel bored everytime you watched his movie.

It is the first film of the two known-stars in martial arts film named: Jacky Chan and Jet Li. Jet Li gained so many fans in the Philippines in his action movies. Children who had watched his film have greatly influenced them to train and learn Martial Arts.

Forbidden Kingdon is the story about the legendary stick weapon owned by a Chinese sage warrior "The Monkey King" (Jet Li) for five hundred years. Teenager Jason who is obsessed with the Kungku classics movie finds the lost relic in the Chinese antique pawn shop and finds himself transported back to ancient china.

Their adventure begun when he met the drunken kung Fu master, Lu Yan (Jacky Chan), and enigmatic Skillful monk (jet li), and vengeance-bent Kung fu Beauty, Golden Sparrow (Crystal Liu Li Fei) who led him to return the staff to its rightful owner.

This is really a great movie to be watched especially if you are in the Movie house with your family and friends.