Knowing (Nicholas Cage)

This movie was played by famous actor (Nicholas Cage) is a fiction film directed by Alex Proyas.
The story goes like this:
In 1959, at William Dawes Elementary School, Massachusetts, a time capsule containing the drawing of the students the idea of what will be the future look like and buried and set to be opened 50 years later. There was a girl named Lucinda Embry contributes a full page of ramdom numbers and acted mysteriously. She was then found one day at the school's closet with her bloodied hands and complaining about the whispering voices.
50 years later, A boy named Caleb - son of John Koestler, a widower and a professor of astrophysics at MIT. Caleb receives the handwriting of Lucinda Embry containing the series of numbers and John noticed it. John Koestler realized that the series of numbers in the paper form dates and death tolls of every major disaster for over 50 years and suggests there are still three disasters to come.
Caleb begins receiving mysterious visits from the strangers and hears a telephatic whispers. John witnesses the tragic commercial place crash on the very place and date the predicted disaster will occur. Another disaster will happen in Manhattan. He also tried to prevent the Manhattan train derailment crash but he failed.
The last major disaster would be the Solar flare which everybody will die. Caleb and Abby - granddaughter of Lucinda was being driven by the strangers and reached to the forest. They were being saved and followed the strangers.
However, John went home to his family and together they will die as the solar flare strikes the earth.
This story nearly comes into reality as I have watched this movie. The last disaster where the solar flare or the sun explodes and all the living creatures in the earth will vanished. I guess, this predictions have the possibility to come true. Because, as we can see now our environment and the climate change.


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