City of Ember 2008

On the day the world ended the fate of a mankind was carried in a small box. The City of Ember is built that could last for 200 years. It was design and built by a group of scientists, engineers and architect. They have met in a secret location and made a crucial decision. They concluded that there was only one hope for our future, is to build an underground City to protect from citizen for generations to come.

The small metal box contains the instruction to the exit from the City of Ember. The small metal box is designed to open only after 200 years. It was given to the first mayor of ember and then this mayor will pass it to his/her successor but the chain was broken and the box was forgotten.

After 200 years the City of Ember experienced several blackouts and their generator was falling. Citizens of Ember worried about the condition of the City. Their food supplies were being rationed.

Lina a young girl assigned to be a messenger found the small metal box that contains instruction who believed that it was made by the builders. This young girl had a friend who could help her unlocked the secrets to the exit from ember. Together with her little sister poppy they found the exit and made it to the world above the sky.

The movie is so exciting and a lot of heart pounding scenes. You can really sense how determine this young mind to see the world outside the City of Ember. Their curious and hopeful mind brought them to this exciting adventure. The movie also shows how power urged someone to be selfish and immature in times of great need. The mayor for example collected their food supplies in a secret location just for himself. End the end stuck in a horrifying death.

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bw said...

sounds exciting. i am going to watch this movie.