Anak (2000) - Vilma Santos and Claudine Barretto

Vilma Santos leaves her family in the Philippines to go abroad as an OFW or Oversears Filipino Worker to find a higher paying jobs. She worked hard for her family's future and her employer did not allow her to call or to go on vacation. She didn't came for her husband's funeral causing her children to hate her.
When she arrived home in Manila, Philippines, her two children are now grown ups. Everything has changed. Her daughter (Claudine Barretto) have joined to drug addicts and even used drugs.
The problem arises on how she will rebuild their family relationship and to bring back her daughter to their home.
This is the first movie I've ever watched in the SM cinemas with my sister. This is a great movie for the family. You will learn a lot from this movie and it describes how OFW struggle their lives leaving their families home.