What Happens in Vegas

Cameron Diaz in What Happens in VegasThis is a 2008 movie. I just saw this movie and its fun.. really really fun.
Joy Mcnally (Cameron Diaz) meets with Jack Fuller - a clumpsy and lousy person who just fired from his boss who happens to his father. Jack Fuller decided to go to Vegas with his unsuccessful lawyer friend, Hater. So as Joy Mcnally. She just dumped by her boyfriend on his birthday in front of her friends. She and her friend decided to go to Vegas.
Due to hotel management mistake, the four stayed in the same room. They go out and explore and ask Cameron to dare with him to drink. The same night, when they are drunk, they don't know that they got married. You know, if you live in Vegas, an instant marriage is available.
Their horrifying and funny story evolved in their unplanned marriage after Jack uses joy's coin to gamble in the jackpot machine and got the jackpot of 3 million dollars.
Will they survive their marriage or ended up a divorce?

Why don't you try to watch it?


Sidney said...

I love Cameron Diaz.

burn said...

I already watched this movie.. It is nice.. I will rate it as 8 out of 10.

Movie Reviews said...

this is really a great movie burn...