Deception (2008)

Deception Move 2008
This is another story I've watched that title itself describes how the main character Jonathan McQuarry (Ewan McGregor) handle himself when Wyatt Bose (Hugh Jackman) betrayed him or lied at him.

Jonathan McQuarry is an accountant who also audits in the bank. While he is overstaying in their boardroom late at night, he was being interrupted with Wyatt Bose who offers him marijuana and the latter befriended him. On his way home in the subway, he encounters a blond woman (Michelle Williams) but never had the chance to talk to her.

Jonathan Mcquarry is being invited many times with Wyatt Bose including to play tennis and enjoys at night in the bar with him. One day, he accidentally switched their cellphone but unfortunately he was told by Bose that he will have a business trip in London.

One night, a woman called him "Are you Free Tonight" then he said yes. They agreed to meet in a certain place without knowing each other and they proceed directly to the hotel room and had sex.

The other night another woman called him asking the same question and they agree to meet. Wyatt Bose called him to encouraged meeting with different women in the list that is stored in his phone.

One day, he was shocked to see that a woman he met in the subway station. But still he didn't know the real name of that blond woman because one of the rule is "No Name" to mention.
While they were together, The blond woman disappeared quickly and had blood in his room and behind his back, he was being punch with a strong man and then he drowned.

Wyatt Bose contacted him and told him everything that happened. He commanded Jonathan to steal millions of money from the bank he will be audited. He didn't refuse Bose' command and afraid that he will lost his one true love.

Will Jonathan succeed to steal money from the bank? What will happen if he does? Now, its your turn to watch it.

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