Villa Estrella (2009)

Ana (Shaina Magdayao) is being haunted in her dreams with a woman being killed. Her ex-boyfriend (Jake Cuenca) brings her in the Villa Estrella Resort, an abandoned resort. She then meets a girl named Jennifer (Celine Lim).
The caretaker told her that she has been in that resort when we was a little girl but she refuse to believe because she said she has never been there in that resort. She meets Gisele, who is very familiar to her.
She later realize that she is part on that resort and that the past is haunter her. She recalls that Andrea, her elder close friend, the daughter of the caretaker was killed by her father and her Tito (her ex-boyfriend's father).

This is another horror movie produced in the Philippine Cinema.
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burn said...

I haven't seen this movie. I heard that "Tarot" is better than Villa Estrella.

Celebrity Gossips said...

i also haven't seen tarot yet. maybe soon.