Good Luck Chuck (2007)

This is an American romantic comedy film starring Jessica Alba and Dane Cook.

This is the story of a dentist who was being cursed by her teenage girl who got a crush on him but he refuse her.
"Chuck" means a a good luck charm lover. If anyone who had sex with him will find their one true love.
Now, he meet this girl Cam Wexler (Jessica Alba) at the party who is working at her habitan Gentoo Penguins and she accidentally slips and breaks her tooth. She called him and agrees to work on his tooth. And their romance began.
On the other hand, chuck is now popular to all women that whoever a woman will make love with him will find her one true love.

This is really a funny movie that you should watch.


burn said...

I love this movie, nakaka relate ako ni Jessica dito. She's so clumsy parang ako,,hehehe

Movie Reviews said...

hahahha,..yes... Jessica here is so clumsy.. like her personality.hehe