17 Again 2009

Mike O' Donnel (Zac Efron) was a hearthrob in his senior year. He was famous in his high school basketball team. He has a girlfriend named Scarlett.

On his big game wherein college students are checking him out, Scarlett confess that she is pregnant, destructed and leave the game to propose Scarlett to marry him.

After two decades of living together, Mike whined and blamed Scarlett for everything. His family is failing, he didn't get the job promotion, and his kids cannot stand him.
One day while staring at his high school photo when he was 17 years old, a janitor appeared and ask him if he wanted to go back to 17 again, the he said yes. While driving on the bridge, he saw a janitor wants to fall from the bridge. He quickly run and save him but it was too late. After a few seconds he drowned into the water and go to his friends house, Ned (Thomas Lenon) and he looked 17 again. He pretended to be a high school student, enters a varsity, be friend with his kids and etc.
He was given the unique opportunity to be back in high school to relieve his past days.
He realize that it was Scarlett he choose and she was the greatest decision he ever made of marrying her.

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