Juno movie summary/synopsis

Juno is a story of a young woman who ended up being pregnant at age
16. She is a junior high school student and so the father of her son.
She initially made a decision to abort her child but eventually decided to
put her child into an adoption. She met a family in suburban area that is
willing to adopt her child. She hanged out with the husband and eventually found
out that he will going to leave her (wife-jennifer) for a divorce.

On the other hand, her family was supportive at her decision since she is
very young to have her baby. Her father and Step mom were able to give
helpful advice about being pregnant.

Juno and bleaker get together. In the end they realized their feelings to each

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Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hmm... Sounds like a good movie. I will watch it out. Thanks for sharing the reviews to us. :)