Into The Wild (2007 movie synopsis

Into the Wild (2007) movie synopsis is based on a true story of Christopher McCandless, a top-student athlete at Emory University. After graduation Chirstopher McCandles sold out his properties, destroyed all his credit cards and donated $24,000 entire savings to begin his journey through out his ultimate goal: Alaska, to experience and to test himself into the wilds of nature.

On his journey, he encountered a lot of obstacles and meet people of different places. After two years in the wild, he's running of supplies. He hunts and gathers roots and he is already starving. He has a book who help him distinguished the poisoned and edible plants.After two weeks, his body found moose hunters.

Into The Wild (2007) movie main casts: Emile Hirsch as Christopher McCandles / Alexander Supertramp, Marcia Gay Harden as Alexander's Mother, William Hurt as Christopher's father, Jena Malone his younger sister.

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